Method Tomatis® was developed and refined by the French Otolaryngologist Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001) who devoted much of his life and career to the study of the relationship between the ear and the voice and therefore between listening and communication. As the son of a famous opera singer, he listened to small classical music, and spent much of his childhood and adolescence traveling with his father and following his performances.

The term "Acoustic-Psycho-Phonology" was coined by Professor Tomatis to denote a system of auditory perception and acoustic activation aimed at improving the functioning of the ear as a listening, comprehension and communication instrument.

Tomatis studied Neurology and Psychology and did research and therapy on professional deafness while serving in the Navy and later on behalf of the French Government.

Tomatis in 1957 and 1960 presented to the Academy of Medicine in Paris his discoveries made at the Sorbonne Physiology Laboratory which were accepted and recognized as a "Tomatis Effect". These discoveries were called "Tomatis Laws" and are as follows:

1. Voice only reproduces what the ear hears.

2. If you change your hearing, the voice automatically and unconsciously changes.

3. It is possible to permanently transform voice through acoustic stimuli and maintain it for some time (law of residual magnetization).

The Tomatis method is based on research on how a person develops, processes information, communicates with himself and his fellow humans, and finally learns. During his research, Tomatis developed an audio training process that enables the individual to regain the reduced functions of decoding, concentration and communication. In fact, through a series of specialized tools, the method simultaneously affects three central functions of the ear: hearing, balance and motor control and brain activation.

Nowadays Tomatis Développement S.A. continues the tradition of the founder of the Tomatis Method. Thanks to European Union funding, 220 public and private schools are equipped with Tomatis Method devices to combat school failure. 50 years of know-how, research and therapeutic practice, thousands of scientific studies and clinical trials. The therapeutic effects that are presented worldwide every year are more than extraordinary.