Anna Malissiova was born and raised in Volos, descended from the beautiful Pelion. She did her basic studies in Patras and graduated the Department of Philology at the University of Patras with focus in Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies.

She then specialized in Special Education in the Special Education Department of Volos University of Thessaly. He is familiar with the Greek Sign Language and the system of writing and reading the blind. She has studied piano and classical song for many years.

Her training includes seminars on Self-knowledge, Psychology, Voice and Hearing Disorders in Performing Arts and Music, Special Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Chiropractic Disorders, Chiropractic Disorders.

She has worked for many years with private specialty treatment centers in Volos and Athens as well as with the Volos Juvenile Education Foundation. He has been responsible for learning in the Medical and Social Center of the Municipality of N. Ionia Magnesia. She is a certified therapist of the authentic TOMATIS acoustic psycho-method.

He has occasionally published articles in newspapers and scientific journals. He has been trained in Athens, Paris, London and Miami. She currently lives and works in Athens permanently and has the opportunity to work and help daily of famous singers, actors, politicians and business executives using the Tomatis method, of which she is a certified therapist. With her magic tricks and her multifaceted knowledge she lures famous voices through her hands.The blond-haired teacher with her blue eyes helps her young friends better understand what they hear, stay more focused in class, and improve their school performance. Anxious herself, she likes evolution, but is easily bored of it and makes changes that do not restrict her mind, which open horizons. He loves the family and the trips which are a source of personal enrichment and exploration.

“The best are not coming… you will bring them. When you change the way you think. Then you will only change your reality and your life. What you even think subconsciously becomes a reality. Stop blaming the time, the system, the society and wanting to change others, you have no right. What annoys you about others is what you do in essence. Otherwise you wouldn't see it and it wouldn't bother you. Stop unconsciously having the need to call them destiny and karma. Act and make the unconscious conscious. Take your life in your hands. Then you will see that the best are attracted and certainly come ... 10% of our lives are accidental events ... 90% of our lives are the result of our own reactions. We have no control over this 10%. The other 90% is the difference. You determine that percentage. How; With your reactions ...

Change means LIVE. With the Tomatis method, I change people's lives by changing the way they think and perceive everything around them and take them one step further. It's not easy, I know. Because real change has pain and outrage. People do not lack power, but willpower. The real change, however, is relaxation, because you stop being the patch and you become the protagonist. Take your responsibility ... "

Anna Malisiona