As a dedicated educator and philologist and having spent many years studying music, I became concerned about issues related to human learning, communication and behavior. Why do people express different messages than what the want to say? Why do they find it difficult to express emotions and really communicate with each other? Why children don't realize your words while they look at you? What do I mean by bouncing and stooping while singing?

These and many more are my questions because of my restless spirit. I came into the Tomatis method by accident, looking for answer to those questions. Since i don’t believe in luck, it was probably my moment of truth. I was fascinated by the Tomatis method and i decided to study this method by following instructional tutorials by experienced teachers. As a result I combine all my great loves with music, education and psychology. I don't want to be narrow and limited I want to be a lot of things together.

My principle is to approach the Tomatis method as a special educator for children with learning disabilities, as a person who has done more than 15 years of classical music studies with all artists and as myself with all the experiences and the knowledge I carry, all the people who want to live better and go one step further.

I change people's lives by changing the way they see and understand everything around them. Change means Living. This is the motto of my life. If you intend to get into this process it would be good to address me, if not again, surely I am not your man. People do not lack power but willpower. The real change, however, is relaxation, because you stop being the patch and you become the protagonist. Don't expect to change others. Take your responsibility and change yourself. Change the way you think and then you will see that the best are definitely coming.

Anna Malisiova

I met Anna for a year, her sweetness and the confidence that inspired me were the beginning of my brightest steps in life. She is always cheerful and glamorous and that transmits to her immediately. With Tomatis and Anna I see and hear the world differently. More optimistic!

Vasya Lakoumenda, Actress

Anna I want to say wholeheartedly a big thank you for the spectacular change that has brought to my son's life but also to our acquaintance with you and the Tomatis method. Your positive energy and full dedication have helped my son, who has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, not only improve his learning ability but also his psychological state. And I, after completing all three cycles of the method, managed to handle my emotions in such a way as to avoid psychological fluctuations as well as unnecessary irritations.

Zina Katrin, Employee at the New Postal Savings Bank