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Many children have learning difficulties. Learning requires the involvement of all the senses and especially the hearing. A study of children with learning disabilities in Greece has shown that a large proportion of them have difficulties in the way the brain processes auditory stimuli.Most of these children have normal hearing, but they do not perceive and process correctly and at the appropriate speed what they hear. So they can't concentrate and understand the teacher, they are constantly abstract, they need to hear the commands more than once, they read slowly and they have a poor understanding of what they read, they display irrational flow in their stories, they need more time to process what they heard , lack vocabulary and find it difficult to express themselves.

As a special educator and philologist I can understand and reach better children with special educational needs and talents, having a holistic approach to their education. Using the Tomatis method as an integral part of my work, special education materials and practices, I help my young friends develop compensatory strategies to be able to cope and manage their learning difficulties. Always aim for children to reach their full potential.

The Tomatis method effectively helps children improve their school performance, stay more focused in class, better understand what they hear, and learn a foreign language faster.