Improving Voice and Musicality  |  Personal development

The way professionals often speak, undermines their skills and abilities, annoys their partners and has negative consequences for their careers. On the other hand, people with the right tone of voice can overcome many of their disadvantages, become more persuasive and achieve their goals.

When anything is changed or altered in the hearing, the change is automatically and unconsciously reflected in the voice. With proper sound interference, one can correct errors and resolve hearing problems. The Tomatis method helps professionals analyze better, faster and more efficiently what they hear in order to reproduce better voices, express their arguments convincingly and use their voices more effectively.

The program of Tomatis method is suitable for musicians, singers, actors, presenters, lawyers, doctors, politicians, business executives and generally those who wish to improve the musicity and tone of their voice or to get good articulation.

Having spent many years studying music in Greece and abroad, I can realize and understand the difficulties, worries, insecurities, and daily challenges that an artist faces as well as a simple person who uses his voice as valuable tool for his job. I create personalized programs providing an integrated approach to voice rehabilitation and training, in direct collaboration, most of the time, with voice teachers and psychotherapists.My tendency is to see the artists and generally all people as "whole". I tailor my knowledge and experience to suit the circumstances and needs.